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The Bodylight Laser treatment for “Spot Fat” reduction is the latest state of the art device for eliminating those stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise such as, abdominal, underarm, thighs, saddlebags and under-chin. It is possible to lose 2-4 inches of body fat in 3-4 weeks with this NEW procedure!

Sessions with our fat loss Body Light is easy, painless, and carefree. Each session takes less than an hour; the Body Light  is used for a total of 15 minutes. The Body Light is applied to the targeted area, which is generally the waist, hips, or thighs, for 15 minutes. The minimum suggested treatment period is two weeks, with three full sessions each week. You should consult your technician about the maximum results for your body type, weight, and target loss.




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